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Massage Chairs

Lomi Massage Chair Massage Reclining Chair/Black (Web Exclusive)

Lomi to the Hawaiians, as Shiaya is to the Japanese.  It has a style of massage that Hawaiians believe helps to keep the body in physical and spiritual alignment.  Instead of the traditional massage technique that is applied with fingers and hands, Lomi uses the blunt pressure of the palms, fist, elbows forearms and even feet. 

What makes the Hawaiian Lomi Chair different is the use of 3 dimensional roller disc technologies as opposed to massage ball systems.  The 3 dimensional roller disc systems deliver’s a lomi style massage by focusing on larger, more blunt surface.

  • Auto Program
  • Continous/Rep
  • Timer
  • Combine
  • Speed
  • Wide/Narrow
  • Knead
  • Tap
  • Manual Mode
  • Heat
  • Rhythm Vibrate
  • Foot Massage

$3,295.00 EA

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