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Diagnostic Evaluation\Scales


Physicians Scale with Height Rod (060101) page #206C

* Scale can be read from either side.
* Features both pounds and kilogram indications in 4 oz. increments.
* Height scale measures from 30" to 78".
* 400lb. weight capacity.

$325.00 EA

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SECA 700 Balance Beam Scale (060391) page #206C

* A digital column scale.
* 14"W x 36.5"H x 14"D/
* Extremely robust, precise, and stable with a capacity of 550lbs, a large but low platform and integrated, BMI function, this column scale has the prerequisites for the diagnosis and therapy of heavy weight patients.
* The durable construction copes with the most extreme loads.
* The energy saving battery operation- up to 16,000 weightings with just one set of batteries-means that this scale can be used anywhere as it is not dependent on AC power.
* The scale is delivered with the integral measuring rod seca 220, thus facilitating weighing and measuring in one step.

$350.00 EA

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SECA 703 Scale (060391) page #206C

* Mechanical beam scale
* 17.5"W x 57.5"H x 21.5"D
* Precise, robust and convenient: both you and your patients will benefit more from the seca 700. It sets a new standard worldwide.
* More precision due to the 01. lb graduation and higher capacity of 500 lbs. More comfort due to the very flat, large platform and the eye level beam.
* The seca 700 is available in 3 versions; kilograms, pounds and kilograms/pounds.
* The included measuring rod with a range from 24-78" facilitates time-saving measuring and weighing in one step.
* Equipped with integrated transport casters fro mobile and flexible use. The seca 700 has a five year warranty.

$515.00 EA

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SECA 763 Scale (060392) page #206C

* 14"W x 52"H x 27"D
* With the innovative digital measuring station seca 763, both the height and weight of a patient can be ascertained in just one step.
* After measuring and weighing, both values are indicated on two LCD displays integrated into the display panel.
* But that is not all" on the basis of the values, the seca 763, at the touch of a button, automatically calculates the BMI of the patient. This value provides information on the general nutrition condition of the patient on the basis of the recognized WHO standard. With it's capacity of 550lbs it's low platform and very robust design, the measuring station is also extremely suitable for heavy weight patients.

$1,050.00 EA

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Seca 780 Digital Column Scale (061053) page #206C

* Quiet operation and battery operated power supply.
* Large LCD readout for easy, accurate results.
* Features a low, wider slip-resistant, no "wobble" base and built-in wheels for easy movement.
* 3 seconds for results; reads in 0.2 lbs increments.
* 400 lb. weight capacity.

$849.95 EA

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