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Clinical Equipment\iShape


iShape Vibration

The iShape vibration machine is great for training your total body, upper body, lower body, and core strength:


Total Body Workout Benefits:

• Exercise 7 major muscle groups: legs, gluteus, back,

chest, arms, shoulders, and abs

• Benefit of whole body stretch

• Reduce muscle injury and prevent muscle tension

and aches, while increasing flexibility and removing stress.

• Increases the range of joint movement

• Improve bad posture

Upper Body Workout Benefits:

• Upper body stretch

• Muscle groups includes: arms, shoulders, chest, and abs

• Enhance the flexibility and sculpture on partial muscle


Lower Body Workout Benefits:

• Lower body stretch

• Muscle groups include: legs and abs

• Focuses on legs and abs training, and relaxes thigh

muscles and knees.

• Reduces muscle stiffness and numbness

Core Training Workout Benefits:

• Muscle groups include: back, abs and chest

• Stretches the back and abs to eliminate lower abs, and

reduce back pain


$5,995.00 EA

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